Saturday, September 30, 2017

It's Here: 2018 ODO Brochure

The full 2018 Old Dominion Open brochure is now available! The link has been added to the 2018 ODO page above and a link is also at the end of this post. Click it for the official rules, categories, and all forms. Be sure to mark your calendar now!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Looking for an interesting project? How about this for a Picture in Time Category?

This has to be the most unlikely "hot rod" a motor pool ever put together. 

 Good description and conclusions by posters to the site.  One suggests:

" my opinion is that they had reversed the drive train. Rear axle under the engine and the front diff was placed where the rear axle was originally attached. The crew compartment was reversed. the driver is now over the front axle and sat on the right side."

For more info click this link to G503 Military Vehicle Forum.

Korean War Armored Jeep with 3 machine guns and a Recoilless Rifle

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Not Exactly Plastic Model related but interesting to think about these.

From a quick search of Google looking at mechanical/science magazine covers from the 20's-40's.

  How many of these anticipated inventions actually made it? More than you might think.

Click on the Facebook link below  to scroll through a album of inventions from the "future".  

Face Book pictures 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Next Meeting: September 11, 2017

The next meeting of IPMS Richmond will be

Monday, September 11, 2017
6:30 p.m.

Smoketree Community Center
11100 Smoketree Drive
North Chesterfield, VA 23236

Be sure to bring all your finished and in-progress models for Show-and-Tell . . . let us see what you've been working on!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Test of Four Acrylic Primers

After reading some comments on a model forum about acrylic paints and primers, I made up my own test.  I sprayed Vallejo Gray Primer (V), Badger Stynylrex Gray Primer (S), Tamiya Flat FX-63 Panzer Gray paint (T) and AK Dark Yellow Primer (AK).  I let them cure for 4 days. 

The first picture is the four primers sprayed on white plastic and a toothpick pressed and dragged across all four samples.  They all passed.  The only issue was the tooth pick "polished" a line on each flat paint/primer but left the test primers undamaged.
The next picture is the after effects of doing the same test with a cut piece of plastic sprue.  The Badger Stynylrex shows a little paint scrapped off. The rest passed fine.
The third test was using the end of a metal ruler.  Only the Vallejo passed, while the Stynylrex did better than the Tamiya and AK. A result I did not expect.
The last tests were masking and "rip" off.  First Tamiya Yellow tape was applied and burnished down like you would do when masking a straight line. Instead of pulling it off gently, I pulled it off with a quick pull. The AK pulled up along the line left by the mark made by the steel ruler. I think if the paint was not already been scratched, the AK would have been fine.
The final tape test was with actual cheap painters masking tape. Again, a quick pull and the results were a mess for the AK.  The others test samples did okay.
What does this prove or show? If you let any Acrylic cure, you probably can handle without too much concern and not chip or scratch off the paint.  You can  tape it and certainly if you are gentle, you should be fine removing the tape. 

This is far from scientific and the results would need to be repeated to prove that there was not an oily fingerprint that caused the AK Primer to scratch and then fail under masking. But I think it does prove that if you have been thinking about switching to Acrylic paints and primers (due to the smell, chemicals, clean up, etc), you probably will be safe and happy with the results if you take your time, don't scrape metal rulers over the paint, and don't use cheap painters masking tape!  - Bob Walls

M1 Abrams History and Versions

Bob Walls's nice M1 with mine-clearing thingy
With all the Abrams models floating around, Bob Walls found the link below which discusses the history of the Abrams and all the versions in great detail.