Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Reminder: Judging is Cool!

The ODO is but three days away and we hope to see everyone there! If you've ever wondered about what to do with all that free time between lunch and awards, please consider lending a hand with judging. Emphasis is on workmanship: construction, painting, decaling, and weathering. If you already know that you want to help out or if you're not quite sure yet, come to the judges' meeting at 11:15 a.m.! All are welcome to help. YOU are what makes the ODO great!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Real "Art of Scale Modeling"

As predictable as winter giving way to spring, the ODO heralds the beginning of a new model season for Region2 of IPMS USA. If our effort is ultimately deemed a success, it is not because of IPMS Richmond but because of every participating club, modeler, vendor, and manufacturer wanting to be part of the mystique called the ODO. Your mission is our mission, for the “art of scale modeling” is to be shared, not hoarded. We invite one and all, near and far, to be part of this ritual where ideas are freely exchanged and friendships are true to scale and built to last a lifetime. See you all next week.

IPMS Richmond

Thursday, February 15, 2018

And the Kits Just Keep Rolling In!

Our ODO raffle continues to bulk up! Here are photos of the recently donated kits from Kitty Hawk, Panda, and Tamiya:

It'll be a GREAT RAFFLE! See you on the twenty-fourth!

2018 ODO Sponsors

Please support these fine businesses, clubs, and individuals who, in turn, sponsor the Old Dominion Open:

Manufacturers & Businesses
Amsoil/Milton Conkle
Atlantis Toy & Hobby
Bluefin Distribution
Fire House Hobbies
Grex Airbrush
HobbyLink Japan
Independent Ams Oil Dealer
Kitty Hawk Models
Panda Models
Starfighter Decals

AMPS Central Maryland
AMPS Central Virginia
Artist Preservation Group
Central Pennsylvania AMPS
Grumpy Old Scale Modelers (Darrin Cook)
Hampton Roads Ship Model Society
IPMS Baltimore
IPMS Central Maryland
IPMS Central Pennsylvania
IPMS Delaware Valley Scale Modelers
IPMS Eagle Squadron
IPMS Eastern Car0lina Scale Modelers
IPMS George Preddy
IPMS Hampton Roads Scale Modelers
IPMS Lackawanna Valley Scale Modelers
IPMS Lafayette Scale Modelers
IPMS New Jersey
IPMS Tidewater
IPMS Washington, D.C.
National Capital Model Soldier Society
Northern Virginia IPMS
Richmond Automobile Modelers Society
Roanoke Valley IPMS
Southern Maryland Scale Modelers
Tidewater Automobile Modelers Society
Washington Ship Modelers Society

Mark Altizer
Robert Beach
Friends of Dave Hamilton
Ken Johnson
E. L. Motley
Jerry & Madie Quick
Joe Koenig
Warren Yuan

Sunday, February 11, 2018

2018 ODO "Blush Rule" Reminder

Just as a reminder, following is this year's "Blush Rule" copied from the 2018 ODO brochure. The rule has NOT changed from last year. If you have ANY question at all as to whether your entry is acceptable, or not, you still have time to email the head judge at for a clarification. Please do NOT wait until the day of the show!

A. Blush Rule
The ODO is a “family friendly” show and contest. Accordingly,
the head judge, in private consultation with the modeler, will
request removal from the hall of any entry deemed inappropriate
or offensive to generally acknowledged standards of taste and
acceptability. For example, but not limited to, any model-subject
that depicts scenes of bondage, sexual intent, or pogrom displays
of human suffering is impermissible. Also, any figure model naked
from the waist-down or any female figure model with exposed nipples are not permitted. This includes nose art. The ODO head judge's decision is final. Hence, if in doubt about the eligibility of your model, please do not hesitate in sending an image of your model-
subject to the head judge listed above under “Contacts” for a ruling in advance of the show. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.