Wednesday, September 19, 2018

ODO Trophy Construction Video

Check out the process for making the awards for the IPMS Old Dominion Open Model Show and Contest to be held February 23, 2019 at the Henrico Hall, Richmond Raceway.

The making of these awards is a labor of love by the brothers Chazz and Paul Klanian. If you want to earn one of these, check out the contest categories and rules on this site, pull out your model kits, and start building! See you in February! 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

2019 ODO Brochure

Yes, the complete brochure for the 2019 ODO is here!

Go to the "2019 ODO" tab at the top of the page or simply
click HERE.

Fillable forms will be available soon.

Be sure to check back here frequently for further
information regarding the ODO. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

June 11 Movie & Build Night

The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. and the movie will begin at 7:00 SHARP. We do have some business to discuss prior to the movie.

Please arrive around 6:15 to set-up so the meeting can start at 6:30. Thank you!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Build a Model and a Movie June 11

Our next meeting is Bring a Model to Work on and Watch a Movie Night.  To help those who are on the fence about joining the Group Spitfire Build, the night's movie is the 2017 released Dunkirk movie featuring Spitfires performing amazing feats  such as unlimited ammo!  This is an Oscar nominated movie which looks at the Dunkirk evacuation from the four different perspectives;  the British/French ground troops, the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and the English civilian boating community. This  approach makes the movie a little hard to follow and the lack of combat does move this down the ladder of War Movies. From a strength of story and acting, it does come through. The movie is best seen on a Large Screen so our projection will be much better than watching it on a iPad or cellphone! 

Bring a kit to work on and enjoy the fun.  The meetings start at 6:30PM and last until 9:30PM or so. 

Our meetings are open to the public and are  held every 2nd Monday at the  Smoketree Community Building of Chesterfield County, located at 11100 Smoketree Drive, Richmond, Virginia 23236. - Bob Walls

Monday, April 23, 2018

2019 ODO: "Man In Space: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Man's First Moon Landing"

Richmond IPMS is pleased to announce this very special award for the 2019 Old Dominion Open commemorating the 50th anniversary of Man's first moon landing!

Figures and manned space vehicles (all nationalities) are eligible from the X-15 through Apollo 17.

Models must be entered in the appropriate Figure category, in the Real Space category, or in Dioramas/Vignettes. (Note that the Photos in Time category will be included under Dioramas/Vignettes beginning in 2019).

This will be a free-standing special award judged by its own judging team.

So, all you spaceketeers, start planning your builds now--this is sure to be a popular subject for 2019!

2019 Old Dominion Open

We have opened a page for the 2019 Old Dominion Open to be held at the Richmond Raceway on February 23, 2019. The tab is at the top of the page.

Be sure to check back here (and on Facebook) as the year progresses for announcements of new awards, category changes, rules changes, and the posting of the 2019 ODO brochure and downloadable forms.

2018 ODO: Copy of Information from 2018 ODO Page

2018 Old Dominion Open

February 24, 2018

Richmond Raceway Complex
The Henrico Building
600 East Laburnum     Richmond, VA 23222

Doors open 8:30     Registration closes 12:30

The winner of this award will be chosen by his fellow contestants. Each contest entrant will be given a ballot on which to record his choice for favorite entry.

New Categories
  • Gundam, all scales
  • Photos in Time: Any entry that depicts a photograph of the actual subject or event. The photo or photo copy you're depicting MUST be exhibited with the entry--photos on electronic devices will NOT be accepted. In addition to the usual judging criteria, entries will be judged on how well they accurately replicate the subject of the photo.
  • Weekend Warrior:
    Aircraft, all scales, all types
    Military Vehicles, all scales, all types
    Automotive, all scales, all types
    All Other, all scales, all types
    This category is for novice and/or casual modelers and is limited to entrants who have NEVER won any award in any category at any IPMS-, AMPS-, or NNL-sanctioned events.

Rules Clarifications

  • Category 22: AFVs, closed and open top: visible interiors, opej hatches/doors; interiors will be judged, larger than 1/48. If the model has open hatches or doors and the interior is plainly visible, the entry will go into Category 22. If the modeler uses figures to fill the hatches or doors, the model may be placed in either Categories 19, 20 or 21. If there are figures present but hatches are opened for reason of showing the interior, the entry should go in Category 22. All entries in Category 22 will have their interiors judged.
  • Dioramas & Vignettes: A diorama is a story-based display. The strength of the story or message along with how well it is communicated are critical considerations for the diorama. A vignette is a model-subject-based display built specifically to show-off its components in their historical, technical, or environmental context. While both will be judged on construction (vehicles, figures, groundwork), finishing, weathering, and degree of difficulty/overall feel, a diorama MUST convey a story. Vignettes do NOT have to tell a story.
  • Out of Box (OOB) Categories: Kit’s instruction sheet or photocopy of such MUST accompany the entry (placed under entry form). Instructions on any electronic device are NOT acceptable.