Tuesday, October 31, 2017

It's Here: 2018 ODO Brochure

The full 2018 Old Dominion Open brochure is now available! The link has been added to the 2018 ODO page above and a link is also at the end of this post. Click it for the official rules, categories, and all forms. Be sure to mark your calendar now!

Monday, October 30, 2017

November 13th Meeting Demo: Using Acrylic and Polymer Products

As a child, my favorite show was Watch Mr. Wizard. This month's demo will sort of be like that show. The demo will cover using various lesser known products in different ways to improve your model building.  As time permits, the demo will cover using Future as a glue for photo etch; wood glue for filling seams and injector pin marks; using clear-drying kitchen caulk for making water-like bases for 1/700 scale ships and other uses; using artist mediums to make mud, glue ground work, dilute paints; using fabric paint for rivets; and many other topics including even making your own acrylic model paints.  These won't be super in-depth, but quick how-to's.

After the demo, I will be pulling out winners for door prizes of some of the products used.
 - Bob Walls

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Chapter Contest Entry Form

The theme for our December Chapter Contest is "1962-1972 Kits." For those who want to get a head-start on completing their paperwork, the entry form can be accessed from the below link:

December 2017 Contest Entry Form

Next Meeting: November 13, 2017

The next meeting of IPMS Richmond will be:

Monday, November 13, 2017
6:30 p.m.

Smoketree Community Center
11100 Smoketree Drive
North Chesterfield, VA 23236

In addition to Show 'n' Tell and our quarterly raffle, Bob Walls will be presenting a demo on

"Using Acrylics, Polymers, Resins and Other Paints/Pastes/Products in Modeling"

Bob will be demonstrating many uses for Future floor wax; artists acrylic gels, pastes, and matte medium; clear two-part epoxy glues; carpenters glue; and glazing medium. Bob will have door prizes for those that attend this must-see demo so be sure to be there!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Groundwork Tip

I found a light-weight modeling clay called Modelite made by Cra-z-Art. It is a finer and easier to use Playdoh-like material which air dries. It dries softer than Playdoh and has a little give to it when dry. I rolled out a ball of it in a zip lock bag to a uniform thickness and applied it over the base. I first built-up  the base with cardboard pieces to reduce the amount of Modelite clay I would need. I also cut holes in the base so the model's wheels would be lower.  

The base is far  from finished but you can see how this might work for your next model project. Mine is a 1/35 Trumpeter SFOR USMC LAV-25 stuck axle deep in mud.

Crayola makes a version of this and probably others. Whichever brand you buy make sure it feels soft when you squeeze the bag. 

It does dry-out if left open, so store it in a zip lock bag.  I got mine at the local craft store next to the Playdoh.  -Bob Walls