2019 ODO

2019 Old Dominion Open

February 23, 2019

Richmond Raceway Complex
The Henrico & Colonial Buildings
600 East Laburnum     Richmond, VA 23222

Doors open 8:30     Registration closes 12:00 noon

* Colonial Hall Vendor Form *

Fillable forms are coming!

New Special Award: "Man In Space: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Man's First Moon Landing"
  • Figures and manned space vehicles (all nationalities) are eligible from the X-15 through Apollo 17.

  • Models must be entered in the appropriate Figure category, in the Real Space category, or in Dioramas/Vignettes (Photos in Time will be a part of Dioramas/Vignettes).

  • Free-standing special award with its own judging team.