Monday, May 29, 2017

Four Bradleys and a Second Cousin

My efforts so far on our Bradley Group Build. I have started with four 1/72 kits. One by Dragon, two by Trumpeter, one by Revell.  All have  the turret and hull completed with a base coat of their primary color.
The Dragon M3A2 still has some ERA blocks to be added to the hull. The kit has no interior but has some nice detail.

The first Trumpeter is a M2A2.
These two versions  both look very similar and the only real way to tell the difference in real life is the interior and the rear top hull hatch.  Both are painted in desert sand.

 The interior on the Trumpeter kits are nice.

The next  Trumpeter is a M2, one of the early versions of the Bradley.  This one will have a MERDC camo pattern. The base coat is  olive to be followed by a dark green plus black and tan "squiggly splotches".

The final one is a Revell  M2A2 which will have a Nato three color paint scheme; Green, red brown and black. This was the standard European NATO pattern during the Kosovo deployment.

Finally a British Cousin to the Bradley, the Warrior. Manufactured by the same defense company.  Notice the family resemblance?? This is the Revell 1/72 Warrior painted in .
If you have not grabbed a Bradley kit, there is still time. The 1/72 Trumpeter kits are very nicely done and readily available. I'd pass on the Revell Bradley kit, unless it is all you can find. It is okay, but not up to the Trumpeter and Dragon.  The Dragon kits are hard to find and a little pricey. I have not seen the Zevezda 1/100 scale kits. I hope someone grabs one and builds it.  Ron Craig, sounds like it was meant for you.

Bob Walls

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