Friday, July 14, 2017

Model Forum/Discussion Group Picture Posting Mess

If you visit the various  Model discussion  groups on the Internet, you may be in for a terrible surprise. Photobucket is a web Photo Hosting service that many sites and modelers use to post pictures of their models or modeling topics to the web. At the end of June Photobucket stopped allowing photos on their servers from being posted on "third party" sites. Unless you paid $399 per year. It went from free to "NO WAY JOSE'". That would be bad enough if it only applied to postings after June 28th, 2017. It applied retroactively to any posting done in the past.  So, if you go to sites that exclusively use Photobucket or posts by users who used Photobucket, instead of seeing the pictures they posted, you see this. 

So be careful what "free" services you use.  This does not impact every site or every posting, but it does impact  a large percentage. -Bob Walls

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Gene Rasmussen said...

I always used Imageshack, it's still free. Sadly I don't remember my log in anymore since I haven't uploaded since about 2007