Monday, October 30, 2017

November 13th Meeting Demo: Using Acrylic and Polymer Products

As a child, my favorite show was Watch Mr. Wizard. This month's demo will sort of be like that show. The demo will cover using various lesser known products in different ways to improve your model building.  As time permits, the demo will cover using Future as a glue for photo etch; wood glue for filling seams and injector pin marks; using clear-drying kitchen caulk for making water-like bases for 1/700 scale ships and other uses; using artist mediums to make mud, glue ground work, dilute paints; using fabric paint for rivets; and many other topics including even making your own acrylic model paints.  These won't be super in-depth, but quick how-to's.

After the demo, I will be pulling out winners for door prizes of some of the products used.
 - Bob Walls

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