Thursday, February 15, 2018

2018 ODO Sponsors

Please support these fine businesses, clubs, and individuals who, in turn, sponsor the Old Dominion Open:

Manufacturers & Businesses
Amsoil/Milton Conkle
Atlantis Toy & Hobby
Bluefin Distribution
Fire House Hobbies
Grex Airbrush
HobbyLink Japan
Independent Ams Oil Dealer
Kitty Hawk Models
Panda Models
Starfighter Decals

AMPS Central Maryland
AMPS Central Virginia
Artist Preservation Group
Central Pennsylvania AMPS
Grumpy Old Scale Modelers (Darrin Cook)
Hampton Roads Ship Model Society
IPMS Baltimore
IPMS Central Maryland
IPMS Central Pennsylvania
IPMS Delaware Valley Scale Modelers
IPMS Eagle Squadron
IPMS Eastern Car0lina Scale Modelers
IPMS George Preddy
IPMS Hampton Roads Scale Modelers
IPMS Lackawanna Valley Scale Modelers
IPMS Lafayette Scale Modelers
IPMS New Jersey
IPMS Tidewater
IPMS Washington, D.C.
National Capital Model Soldier Society
Northern Virginia IPMS
Richmond Automobile Modelers Society
Roanoke Valley IPMS
Southern Maryland Scale Modelers
Tidewater Automobile Modelers Society
Washington Ship Modelers Society

Mark Altizer
Robert Beach
Friends of Dave Hamilton
Ken Johnson
E. L. Motley
Jerry & Madie Quick
Joe Koenig
Warren Yuan

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