Tuesday, April 10, 2018

"Spitfires Around the World" Group Build

They said it wasn't possible, but IPMS Richmond is kicking-off yet another group build--Spitfires Around the World! Here are the "rules":

Begins May 2018 and ends February 2019

  1. The models have to be 1/72 scale Spitfires, any kit and any version. All must be painted and marked in a NON-STANDARD scheme. No "plain Janes." Foreign markings are preferred--the more unique the color/marking scheme the better.
  2. You purchase your own kit(s).
  3. The club will buy several sets of decals, publish the markings, and make them available with photo copies of the decal directions to any member who wants to participate.
  4. To start, you are allowed to do up to two kits with club decals. You may do as many planes as you like supplying your own decals.
  5. All models have to be ready to display at the February 11, 2019 meeting.
  6. Actual aircraft pictures/research, kit pictures, model pictures, reviews and build photos will be placed on our Facebook and blog pages and included in Spare Parts. Send them by email to robertwalls@comcast.net, Mark Groth greyhund@verizon.net, or Mark Elder mark701@comcast.net. We encourage members to bring in their kits for show and tell throughout the year so additional pictures can be taken.
  7. Build quality should be up to club standards as seen at our Chesterfield Airport display but does not have to be contest quality or super detailed. All kits must be painted in as historically accurate paint scheme as possible within your build skills and available decals/research. Out of the box is perfectly fine.
  8. Models need to be wheels down so they may be displayed as if on an airfield and will be grouped on a IPMS Richmond club table. No bases allowed.
  9. After the ODO, models may be used for a temporary display in our airport case and might be used at other shows. The models belong to the builder and will be returned to their owner before the end of 2019. Wear and tear should be considered very likely, so if you do not want you model moved about, you may pick it up after the 2019 ODO and take it home.
Advice: Do not run out and just buy a Spitfire kit. Not every Spitfire was used by foreign countries or painted in unique camo. Do some research. You will most likely have to purchase a kit online as the local hobby outlets have very few Spitfires. Some of the countries that flew Spitfires include USA, Russia, Israel, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand, Egypt, Germany, India, Portugal, Southern Rhodesia, Turkey, Thailand, and Greece.

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