Tuesday, November 12, 2019

2020 ODO: Category Revisions and Clarifications

In order to facilitate your entries, following are the category revisions and clarifications for the upcoming 2020 Old Dominion Open on February 29, 2020 (changes in bold type):

32. Competition, open wheels, 1/20 and smaller
33. Competition, straight line, 1/20 and smaller
34. Competition, closed wheels, 1/20 and smaller 

37. Large scale, 1/19 and larger, all eras

40. Pro Street (Street Legal Drag Style)

59. Busts (Military)
60. Busts (Non-Military)

63. Gundam, 1/144 and smaller, UC (Universal Century)
64. Gundam, 1/144 and smaller, Non-UC
65. Gundam 1/100 and larger, UC
66. Gundam, 1/100 and larger, Non-UC

Please note that several key ODO positions have changed for 2020:

  • Chris Bryan is ODO Chairman
  • Richard Leininger is Head Judge
  • Craig Norris is in charge of Vendors
Their contact information is listed in the ODO brochure.


Hunter selby said...

In prostreet category it says street legal, what state is that based on? What's illegal in Virginia can be legal in other states.

Joe Formato said...

We dropped the Pro Street category in our TAMS contest a few years ago since those vehicles really don't exist anymore. A better category would be Restomod or Pro Touring.

Jared Nuss said...

So what about a Gundam kit that would be considered a Universal Century kit in it's out of the box form, ie the RG Char's Zaku II, but is painted in a custom scheme that didn't appear the the UC?

hmgroth said...

Both are good questions. I would suggest that you contact the Automotive Hsad Judge or the ODO Head Judge the day of the show with your questions and for consideration for revisions for 2021. Thanks!