Thursday, March 19, 2020

2020 Old Dominion Open Special Award Winners

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Best in Show and Best Diorama: Mike Trentadue
M48A3 w/M151A2 Jeep:

Best Aircraft: Barry Numerick, Bf 109 V-30a

Best Military Vehicle: Keith Hudson, Golovin Ivis w/Launch Truck

Best Automotive: Hilton Zapata, 1999 Ford Mustang

Best Maritime: Ulrich Guenther, Katy of Norfolk

Best Figure: Robert Bourgot, Saladin

Best Historical Figure: David Hoffman, Hernan Cortes

Best Real Space & Sci-Fi: Mike Turco, Space Transporter

Best Gundam: Tim Harkins, Air Drop

Best Junior: Katelynn Argo, Matilda II Mk.III