Friday, June 2, 2017

Another Bradley Enters the Group Build

Alex Valz is working on the Meng Bradley M3A3 w/BUSK III.  Here's his comments on the Meng kit and how the build is going. 

"So far I am on step 18 and, as you can see, I have constructed one set of tracks.  As the vehicle has armored skirts, I will not have to build the entire side but may have to add some more to this side.  We'll have to see.  So far the kit fits like a glove.  It's sort of like building Tamiya with more detail. Loving it so far.  The color is Testor's Acryl Armor Sand (4711), which may be a little light but I will darken it with washes and pigments. The periscopes I have painted with Tamiya clear red darkened with some clear green.  That makes a nice dark red."
Kit Box Art
One track run and hull

Close up of the driver's hatch

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