Monday, June 5, 2017

Another Bradley Joins the Herd

Gene Rasmussen has joined the Bradley Group Build.

Gene states:

"My Tamiya M2A2 Bradley IFV  1/35th scale

For someone who did two armor kits in the 70's, this is getting a bit ambitious! Getting add ons for example. Planned out interior that would need the basic color, did that first along with all interior sprues. 

Got the driver seat and part of station in, ramp assembled, and exterior single color parts going on. The road wheels got their first coat on Sunday waiting on last extra to arrive."

Here are some pictures of Gene's progress so far.

If you have not started your Bradley, still time to get one done by August 12th.


Gene Rasmussen said...

builder note, the second pic is to show how neat, tidy, and uncluttered my work area is

Gene Rasmussen said...

Finished just in time on the 1/72nd