Friday, June 23, 2017

Great Source of Kit Information

Every wondered if a model kit was worth buying?  Was it a newly released kit or just a re-box of an old kit from the 1990s? If it was a re-box, did they fix or add anything?  For those answers check out the website Scalemates. This site must have every model kit ever made. Put in a kit name, or a subject name and you will get a list of kits that match. You get timelines for the release of the kit, kit reviews if any have been done, photos of the model if they have been uploaded by readers and other info related to that kit.

Here is the scoop on the ICM  T-34/76 kit Ron Craig finished and brought to the meeting earlier this month. It is a new tooled kit and not a re-box. Check it and the Scalemates site by clicking this link.


Interesting, if you can't find the ICM kit, look for the Revell version! Same kit, their box. Who would know that?

-Bob Walls

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R Craig said...

Scalemates is a good resource. I told ya it was new molds. LOL